Yanter - AUDIOBOOK (Part 2 of 2)

Yanter - AUDIOBOOK (Part 2 of 2)

Women are being murdered on campus. Thomas Yanter can't sleep, nor can he be certain that he’s not the murderer. A model student with a secret, compromised past, Yanter's life is upended when the mysterious Tami of his high-school days resurfaces in his life, her presence drawing him ever closer to the epicenter of campus violence. Then, Yanter finds a pool of blood in a hidden underground passage and black pools his memory can't recover on the nights women were murdered. Is his obsession to find the true murderer—or his own true identity? Thomas is terrified that it might be both.


The latest psychological thriller by Bethany A. Beeler (author of How to NOT Know You're Trans and The Fire Golem) takes us into the mind of a serial killer and a person leading a split life, all in the intense atmosphere of an insulated Catholic-college campus. With unforgettable characters and plot twists that leave the reader guessing until the closing words, Yanter is a tale that resonates far beyond its final page.


  • Listening Length - 9 hours and 19 minutes
  • Author - Bethany A. Beeler
  • Narrator - Bethany A. Beeler
  • Publisher - Beautiful Buddha Books, Bethany A. Beeler
  • Program Type - Audiobook
  • Version - Unabridged
  • Language - English
  • Sold in Parts

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