The Smoking Inn (With A Special Welcome to Lesbians, Trans Folk, and All the Little Creatures), Vol. 2 in the Chronicles of Diana Atestesso


“If what Diana suspected were true, she had to get back to the manse before that bastard had booby trapped the entire joint with poison and whatever other nightmares he could think of. Clay was insane or evil enough to have followed her to Pennsylvania and had holed up somewhere in the area in the attempt to make her life living hell, as he'd done when they were married. Would she never stop paying for her mistakes?”


Heroically triumphing over her abusive ex who abducted their daughter, Luna, Diana Atestesso has to rise from the ashes. What more unlikely way to do that than to team up with her lost love, Finn, to build a bar named Sacred Hearts that unexpectedly becomes a haven for “freaks” of all kinds—a gonzo journalist, a drag-queen diva, a lesbian musical virtuoso, and Diana’s mentor, Selene, who embarks on an unexpected lesbian relationship in her twilight years?


But not everyone joins the celebration. Hard-shell religious power-broker, Arden Pulsifer, and the fanatic zealot, Archibald Jack, seek to tear down Diana’s dreams even as she is bursting out of her shell to be the fiery warrior she always meant to be. This battle will require all her wits, ingenuity, and courage to keep her sacred heart from turning to ash.


The Smoking Inn is the riveting follow-up to the gripping thriller, The Fire Golem, expanding on the journey of Diana, Finn, Luna, Selene, and a host of new characters to build meaning in a world of alternating conflict and redemption. Welcome to the The Smoking Inn, a place your heart will gladly never leave.


This is the second in The Chronicles of Diana Atestesso, and can be read separately, on its own.

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