Why Me? We're All Trans, All Ukrainian

I Know You Care. Now Stand With Me.

"I know you care," is what I say to those who've msg'd me or posted their outrage at Gov. Greg Abbott's criminalizing parents who provide gender-affirming medical care to trans kids.

"We know you care," is what the people of Ukraine say to the rest of the world.

Why Me?

Messages and support given to Ukraine and Texas trans folk stem from a question we all ask when pinned to the wall by hate, fear, and thirst for power—"Why me?"

The answer is, "Because we're here."

The same answer for Ukrainians attacked by Putin-thug, for trans persons attacked by Abbott-pimple, and for all who feel the pinch enough to send support.

Living in Texas

I lived in Texas for 35 years. Then I transitioned in a loving pocket of radically conservative Bryan, Texas and received affirmation in word and deed. Downtown Bryan and the People of the 101, I'm looking proudly and loudly at you! Thank you!

You asked yourselves, "Why me?" when I came out as MtF trans. You answered, "Because I'm here. Right now. Standing with you." You hugged me, bought me a beer, stood with me.

Here to Be Fodder

If people in Ukraine, trans persons, and Texas parents now ask themselves, "Why me?" it's because they're there when an autocratic thug and a gubernatorial pimple see a chance to seize power—drowning men. We are there to be bullied, used, overrun. Abbott and Putin don't care that we're Ukrainian or trans. They're motivated only to take and have. They use people and causes to advance their own (always tenuous) grip on a delusion.

Be HERE With Us

So, if you're outraged this morning at what's happening in Texas and Ukraine, pause and be here, with us.

In more than thoughts and prayers, messages and posts. When gas prices rise, inflation fills headlines, another CoVID variant steals your vacay, or whatever the sensation du moment is, you'll ask, "Why me?" and forget trans people and Ukrainians in the treads of tanks and political opportunism.

But if you stay here, with us, right now …

If you do more than send a message or tweet …

If, when you have the chance to cut off that other driver, you let them not slam their brakes and flip you the bird …

If you're really here, in the moment …

… you'll be present in a way Putin and Abbott will never be.

You have no idea the person in front of you in the checkout line or across the counter is trans. You've no inkling they've fled an oppressive regime or gender binary to work a shit job just to live without being grist for a thug.

Our Magik

There are so many more of us than there are of the thugs. Which is why the thugs manipulate and hoodwink. Our power—no, our magik—is to stand here, beyond asking, "Why me?" To stand with those here with us, giving life and light to the rest of us. And to turn your back on one or two assholes who want to make a horror of the world only because they can't stand that it really is a beautiful world.




On the left, bearded man in hat, wearing glasses; on the right, a woman standing
Dear Ones, Who Stand With Me <3

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