Why I Write LGBTQ+ Characters

We're All Huggable Freaks on the Struggle Bus of Life

Paul then, and now (with his huggable friend, Meegs)

I've written short stories of late, in addition to my published novels. I don't have a particular gender or sexual identity that's my template. My characters are all over the map:

  • a deaf orphan teen

  • three blood siblings and a foster sister

  • a nursing professor with an abusive ex

  • a rich college student who loses a sister in a car crash

  • a drag-queen diva

  • a drunken gay philosopher with a penchant for practical jokes

  • an accidental eunuch who lives in a storage unit

  • a widowed pharmacist who adopts a seal

  • a Victorian woman who dives to the bottom of the Mariana Trench

  • a Ugandan brother and sister adopted by an American evangelical preacher

  • a black lesbian Methodist minister and her musical-genius wife

  • a teen single-mom haunted by breast-feeding ghosts

  • a dead girl

  • a Texas lawyer obsessed with a shirt Peter Gabriel wore

  • a homeless enbie ex-Classics professor

We're all blessed to be freaks.