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It's Beastly to be Trans

And That's More Than Okay—It's the Human Story

An archetype is what its syllables imply—a type, a category, that arcs over individual instances and fits them into a universally understandable narrative. So the trans story has risen to the fore in Western culture (after centuries of violent suppression) and takes its place among the various archetypes that reveal what it means to be human.

Fairy Tales Resonate

Ever wonder why Disney portrays fairy tales? It's a humongous studio. Its pictures need to make a lot of money to pay for the incredible artistic efforts each one represents. Fairy tales appeal to all of us not merely because we know them from childhood. Rather, they're told to us when we're children because they're elemental, foundational examples of what all of us experience.

The beauty of fairy tales' bridging cultures and centuries is that we see ourselves in them, without ruining their resonance for everyone else who is necessarily the hero of their own stories.