Escaping the Trans Prison

How Writing A Letter About the University of Dallas' LGBTQ-Hatred Is A Life Worth Living

My alma mater, and incubator of LGBTQ hate.

Ten days ago, I launched myself, again, against bullies. It's a trope for me since birth, as recounted in my memoir, How to NOT Know You're Trans, and in my follow-up to be published later this year, Trans Quality: How Trans Experience Affirms the World.

I don't seek out bullies. However, because, throughout my days, I've found they'll body-slam me whether or not I encourage it, I pick my moments. The experience has taught me that it doesn't have to be a battle at all. The bullies want a battle. I want to live my life unmolested. How, then, am I to go unscathed by picking battles, you might ask?

Being me means speaking out when the moment is called for … without making it a battle. I repeat the message through every single bodyslam. Kinda like Captain America's "I can do this all day," sans the fisticuffs.

Hatred on Parade

Ten days ago, I came upon the following FB post by