Bullying, Catholic Teaching, & Trans Persons

How the University of Dallas Shrouds Truth and Justice

I sent an open letter and follow-up to the University of Dallas (UD) and The Catholic Diocese of Dallas about the incendiary statements against a trans person by UD Politics Chair, David Upham. To this date, UD's and Bishop Burns' only response has been to say that UD upholds Catholic teaching.

Signed, Sealed …

UD and Bishop Burns offered nothing in terms of affirming the safety and integrity of trans persons on UD's campus, which is a barren, un-pregnant silence, considering UD's motto:

Veritatem, Justitiam Diligite

"Love ye truth and justice."

… But Not Delivered

Catholic teaching says little to nothing about the trans experience because, throughout history, Western culture has obliterated (at worst) or ignored (at best) trans persons.

So what truth and justice does UD love as it silently supports statements of hatred?

Don't Ask? Hell, We'll Tell You Anyway