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Gavasto Touched Me

Gavasto Touched Me

Reach Out and Immersive Blend Someone's Heart Today

The other day, I scanned Amazon and selected an immersive blender that fit my needs and budget … and I was touched. (I realize that sounds kinda pornographic, but I’m NOT immersion-blender kinky, people.)

I was so touched that I wrote the folks at Gavasto an email as to why/how they touched me, seeing as how immersion blenders may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about making a connection in this haggard world.

But it happened … and my note to Gavasto tells the story:

Folks @ Gavasto,

I've witch-cycled 779 moons in this space-time continuum. I thought the ultimate in packaging and product presentation was to be had with Apple products. I realize how Bougie that sounds, but verily, Bougie has met its match.

The Gavasto JHB-328 Immersion Blender, as pictured on Amazon.

I opened my Gavasto JHB-328 Immersion Blender with the usual aplomb I reserve for Amazon boxes. Release the beast, recycle what I can, trash the detritus, toss away all the lawyer-inspired warnings about using electrical devices safely, skim the User Manual, yada yada.

"What ho?" I glimpsed a little Thank-You envelope.

I've gotten little thank-you notes in other products that were fun to read, but this note was written by someone at Gavasto who took the time and presence to make it mean something. I felt spoken to.

Yes, you don't know me personally, Friends at Gavasto, but you're proud of your product, your design, and your art, all the way down to telling me how important it is to you that I experience it well, as a tool to whip up some joy in my kitchen. I've used the JHB-328 (sounds like an early George Lucas dystopian sci-fi flick, THX-1138; extra points to those on the Gavasto Support Team who've seen it!), and am happy with it, as I expected to be.

What I didn't expect was your reaching out, across the disaffective distance, logistics trails, and endless throb of the capitalism that's put us in the mess we're currently in. And … well, you made a difference.

Please, please, please keep on doing this! (I mean, yeah, make sure your products continue to deliver all sorts of goodness, too.) Keep on reaching out.

I'm an odd-duck witch, but I make a point of letting folks know when they've enchanted me. YOU have!

I'll think of this every time I grab my Gavasto Immersion Blender!


Bethany Beeler

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